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EdWare - Meet Edison


EdWare is a hybrid graphical robot programming language for the Edison robot. EdWare combines the ease of drag-and-drop graphical icons with increased functionality from text-based entry. The result is a robot programming language that is easy to learn and offers a robust next-step in coding education.

EdWare’s graphical icons are controlled by a unique feature, the properties box. This feature allows the main programming section to contain just a simple icon structure to represent the program, while the details of each icon are controlled individually in the properties box. EdWare allows users to create and control variables during the program flow, allowing Edison to have a ‘memory’ of past events and react in more interesting ways to sensor inputs.

You can access EdWare online at www.edwareapp.com

Getting started with EdWare

To help you get started using EdWare, we’ve created a free video tutorial series. Each of the short videos in the series will introduce an element of the EdWare environment to help you get the most out of using EdWare to program your Edison robot. Be sure to check out the other videos in the series too!


These free, downloadable resources can help you get the most out of EdWare.

Lesson plans

The EdWare lesson plans are designed to introduce programming using Edison and EdWare in a structured way. Each of the EdWare lessons has been designed to be completed in 90 minutes, however, the actual time required will vary based on your students’ ages and abilities.

Download the complete set of 10 lesson plans Complete 10 Lesson Plans

Download the EdWare worksheets (36) and activity sheets (5)

Activity book

Take the exploration of robotics and coding even further! This activity book is perfect for additional independent exploration of Edison and EdWare beyond the lesson plans. Designed for use outside the classroom or as an independent extension, students will learn more about how to write their own robot controlling programs using the EdWare programming software.

Download the EdWare EdBook2 activity book: Your EdVenture into Robotics – You’re a Programmer

Download the robot programs from the EdWare EdBook2


Using EdWare
How do I access EdWare?
How do I download a program to Edison?
How do I run an EdWare program on Edison?
How do I know what a block does?
Why are the ‘read’ and ‘data’ blocks greyed out?
How do I save my programs?
How do I delete blocks?
How do I use new events?
How do I use remote controls with EdWare?
About EdWare
What kind of language is EdWare?
What age user is EdWare for?
What do different categories of blocks in EdWare do?
Which browsers are compatible with EdWare?
Is there an EdWare iOS/Android app?
Troubleshooting in EdWare
Why are the ‘read’ and ‘data’ blocks greyed out?
Why isn't Edison doing anything when I hit the 'play' button?
Edison's line or obstacle detection don't seem to be working
Why isn’t my program downloading?


EdWare Tutorials
Tutorial 1 - Overview
Tutorial 2 - Menu
Tutorial 3 - Red Control Blocks
Tutorial 4 - Yellow Flow Blocks
Tutorial 5 - Green Data Blocks
Tutorial 6 - Blue Read Blocks
Tutorial 7 - New Event

Additional resources

Add EdWare to Chrome

Download EdWare version 1.0.6 for Windows

Download EdWare version 1.0.3 for Mac

Download EdWare version 1.0.6 for Linux

Download EdWare for iOS from the App Store

Download EdWare for Android

Download EdWare version 1.0.3 for Raspberry Pi

On the newer builds of the Raspberry Pi, the audio output is not high enough to program Edison, meaning additional amplification is required. This can be achieved by plugging Edison into a monitor connected via HDMI, the headphone jack of a powered set of speakers or USB sound card. Visit eBay for low-cost USB sound cards.

Source files

EdWare for PC, Mac and Linux is open source software. The source files can be downloaded from GitHub.