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FM Wireless Dual-Channel Flex-PhonesAF - Indestructible Foam Headphones For Kids!

HamiltonBuhl Flex-PhonesAF, the nearly indestructible, made from a single piece of safe, non-toxic, BPA-free, soft and an extremely flexible EVA foam headphones, are now available in a wireless dual-channel version delivering excellent sound quality without antennas, wires or interference!

Best of 2015 Scholastic Teacher's Pick

Certified for all major USA and international child safety testing standards, Flex-PhonesAF have been awarded the Scholastic Teacher's Pick as "The Best of 2015".

Recommended for children ages 3 and up, Flex-PhonesAF come with a snap-on extension band for smaller children – just snap on the extension band for a snugger fit.

The dual-channel FM wireless Flex-PhonesAF are the best option for a wireless setup and work with the HamiltonBuhl W900-MULTI and W900-BLTM transmitters and W990 6-Way charging cable.

For A Wireless Setup Pair FM Wireless Flex-Phones (FLEXW1 and FLEXW1BK) With (sold separately):

  • Multi-Channel Wireless Transmitter - W900-MULTI
  • Multi-Channel Wireless Transmitter with Bluetooth Capability - W900-BLTM
  • 6-Way Charging Cable for Wireless Headphones - W990
  • 12V AC power adapter to charge the headphones - W980

Additional Accessories (sold separately):


  • Single piece of EVA foam. EVA foam is safe, non-toxic, BPA free, soft and an extremely flexible
  • Headband Adjustment: Snap on extension band with 2 layers
  • Wireless System Type: VHF-FM
  • Channels: 2 Channels (Green ‚Äì 72.900 MHz & Red ‚Äì 74.700 MHz)
  • Speaker Driver: 30mm
  • Impedance: 32‚Ѷ +/-15%
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 97dB +/-3dB
  • Volume control: On ear cup
  • Nominal input (Rate power): 10mW
  • Maximum input (Power handling capacity): 20 mW
  • Storage Bag: Heavy-duty, write-on, moisture-resistant, reclosable bag. Helps prevent the spread of lice!
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Weight 0.5 lbs. 1.15 lbs. 21 lbs. QTY: 42
Dimensions 6.85x6.75x2.35 12.25x10.25x6.15 21.85x15.75x15.55
Warranty 1 Year