HamiltonBuhl STEAM Education – ChronoQuest 3D Interactive, Augmented Reality Timeline


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HamiltonBuhl® for STEAM Education – ChronoQuest™ 3D Interactive, Augmented Reality Timeline

Meet ChronoQuest™ – the highly imaginative, knowledge-based learning experience ideal for today’s screen-loving students! And, out-of-the-box, ready for teachers. Created by technologists, informed by educators, ChronoQuest™ uses Augmented Reality to shed exciting new light on history. Century-by-century, students quest through time learning about, even adding to, history’s past!

ChronoQuest™ Timelines are pre-programmed and regularly updated with content from six subjects for immediate fun, active, and participation learning.

All you need is the FREE ChronoQuest™ app available both for iOS and Android devices. Once the ChronoQuest™ app is on your handheld device, simply aim it anywhere on the timeline to see “CHRONOS” pop out at you. Interact with CHRONOS by tapping to visit a web link, or double tap to watch a related video!

With the available curriculum guides and lesson plans from ChronoQuest™, teachers will easily engage students in a new way of learning from Literature to Science and everything in between.

Along with the pre-programmed content, ChronoQuest™ is specially-developed to let teachers and students customize and add Augmented Reality CHRONOS content to the timeline! With step-by-step instructions students and teachers are shown how they can code new content and make history!

ChronoQuest™ makes all subjects more fun and engaging to learn. It's a great project based learning tool. With one timeline, teachers can create limitless quests in Humanities, Literature, Science, Civics, Political History, Technology, Arts - any subject!

It’s simple to MAKE HISTORY with ChronoQuest™!


  • Each ChronoQuest tube contains 5 full length laminated posters, 27" x 10"
    • Centuries included: 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th Centuries
    • Includes instructional panel and sneak peek panel of 21st Century, 6.783" x 10"
  • Creating Augmented Reality CHRONOS content requires a free ChronoQuest account, available for PC and MAC - a powerful drag-and-drop web studio that enables anyone to easily create, manage, and track augmented reality experiences
  • Viewing ChronoQuest CHRONOS Augmented Reality content requires download of free ChronoQuest™ app available for both Android and iOS devices
  • Suitable for all ages – across all grade levels – from grades K-12
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