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HamiltonBuhl AR Rug-Tales - 3D Interactive, 6' x 4' Augmented Reality Area Rug

HamiltonBuhl AR Rug-Tales - 3D Interactive 6' x 4' Storytelling Rug!

Just as the industrial revolution made it necessary for all children to learn to read, the technology revolution has made it critical for all children to understand STEM.

To support the future of our nation, the seeds of STEM must be planted early, along with and in support of the seeds of literacy. Together, these mutually enhancing, interwoven strands of learning will grow well-informed, critical citizens prepared for a digital tomorrow.

That’s were HamiltonBuhl’s Augmented Reality Rug-Tales comes in. The highly imaginative, beautifully illustrated, story-based 3D interactive, augmented reality rug is ideal for today’s screen loving kids!

Utilizing the latest technology and educational concepts, HB Rug-Tales uses markers and augmented reality via a FREE smartphone or tablet App available for both IOS and Android devices to engage kids into the story of three jungle friends. Kids simply match the AR marker in the App with printed illustration on the area rug to activate the 3D world of stories.

With the device in hand, kids will activate 3D stories and interactive activities like coloring and matching, making music and even yoga, while exploring the jungle and all the critters that live there.

With three exciting stories and numerous interactive activities, adventures and exploration awaits! HamiltonBuhl’s AR Rug-Tales is magical, immersive, educational and engaging!

"The AR Carpet wowed the crowds at CED as the cartoons seemingly came to life on the carpet...!"




  • Beautifully Illustrated Jungle Themed Area Rug
  • 3D Interactive Rug pulls you into the adventures of three jungle friends: Milo (a boy who lives in the jungle), Huggy (a bear who likes to sleep), Stickers (a gecko who wears glasses).
  • Engages kids in interactive activities like yoga with a frog, matching animal footprints and making music or a smoothie!



  • 4' x 6' Area Rug
  • Digitally Printed
  • High-quality 100% nylon pile construction
  • Exclusively latex-FREE (TPR - Thermo Plastic Resin) non-skid rubber backing
  • Free App for both iOS and Android devices
  • Match the AR marker in the App with printed illustration on the area rug to activate a 3D world of stories
Product Shipping Master Pack
Weight 9.6 lbs. 15 lbs. 15 lbs. QTY: 1
Dimensions 48.0x72.0x0.5 6.0x6.0x48.0 6.0x6.0x48.0
Warranty 1 Year

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