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Full-Size, 88-Key Electronic Roll-Up Keyboard

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Full-Size, 88-Key Electronic Roll-Up Keyboard

Introduce children to making music and the fun of playing an instrument with the HamiltonBuhl® Full Size, 88-Key Electronic Roll Up Keyboard! 

Easy to set-up, even easier to get started. Unroll the Electronic Roll-Up Keyboard on any table or desk and begin fostering an environment centered around creativity and imagination. This one keyboard can produce 127 unique tones, play 127 rhythms, and includes 15 demo songs. Quickly change between tones, rhythms or demo songs using its digital display on the built-in speaker and the rechargeable battery makes transportation effortless!

Electronic Roll-Up Keyboard looks like a real piano and is designed to inspire students to explore the world of music. Highly flexible and durable, the HamiltonBuhl® Roll-Up Keyboard is a perfect addition to any classroom, for ages 4 and up. All of its features combine to create an excellent keyboard that fits into any learning environment.


  • Record and playback directly on the keyboard
  • Includes sustain pedal
  • Built-in speaker, MP3 jack and external speaker jack
  • Connects to PC with USB
  • 127 Tones
  • 15 Demo Songs
  • 127 Rhythms


  • Power: DV 5V
  • Built-in high quality speaker system
  • Built-in Lithium-Ion battery
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Weight 3 lbs. 4.4 lbs. 46.3 lbs. QTY: 6
Dimensions 55.5x7.9x1.2 12x10x 6.4 23.1x19x12.4
Warranty 1 Year

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