HamiltonBuhl 100" Diag. (53x85) Electric Projector Screen, 16:10 PC Format, Matte White Fabric

HamiltonBuhl 100" Diag. (53x85) Electric Projector Screen, 16:10 PC Format, Matte White Fabric


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HamiltonBuhl 100" Diag. (53x85) Electric Projector Screen, Widescreen 16:10 PC Format, Matte White Fabric


The HamiltonBuhl Electric(Motorized) Projector Screen is the perfect choice for today's High Definition Classrooms, Conference Rooms and Home Theaters. Ideal for applications which require a wall/ceiling mounted installation, with simple plug and play operation, right out of the box.


HamiltonBuhl Electric Screens feature a high quality tubular motor for extended durability and energy efficiency, while allowing for a quick reliable operation. An upgrade in comparison to many alternative electric screens which feature a smaller and slower synchronous motor.


The HamiltonBuhl Electric Screen offers easy installation via sliding wall/ceiling mounting brackets and a removable wall switch for a more aesthetically pleasing installation, if desired. Dual high quality IR Remote Controls are also included, so that you can control the screen from anywhere in the room.


Product Features:


  • Screen Size: 100" Diagonal
  • Viewable Screen Area: 53" x 85"(H x W)
  • Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:10 PC Format
  • Simple Plug and Play design with easy sliding bracket installation
  • High quality tubular motor for quick and smooth operation
  • Removable in-line wall switch and (2) IR Remote Controls included
  • Elegant white powder coated aluminum housing creates an attractive appearance that matches any decor
  • Large aluminum alloy roller keeps the screen flat through repeated use with 1" black borders on the sides
  • Floating wall and ceiling bracket that slides along the casing for simple installation
  • Case Dimensions (L x H x W) - 95.5" x 4" x 3.6"
  • 1 Year Warranty


Matte White Fabric

Viewing Angle: 120° / Gain: 1.0

The most versatile screen fabric surface and the premier choice when ambient light is controllable. The HamiltonBuhl Matte White projector screen fabric evenly distributes light over a wide 120° viewing area, while colors remain bright and life-like, with no shifts in hue or contrast. With a Gain of 1.0, this projector screen fabric allows for no loss of brightness from the projection source, as long as ambient light is controlled. A black backing to the fabric is also added to impede any light penetration from behind the projected surface.


The matte white screen surface can be easily and safely cleaned with mild soap and water. Do not use any other stronger chemical cleaners, as this may negatively affect the projection surface. The fabric surface is also flame retardant and mildew resistant.

Product Shipping Master Pack
Weight 38 lbs. 42 lbs. 42 lbs. QTY: 1
Dimensions 95.5x3.6x4 104.4x6.7x6.5 104.4x6.7x6.5
Warranty 1 Year

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