HamiltonBuhl® Oculus Go Virtual Reality Frog Dissection Experience - Educational VR Experience


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HamiltonBuhl® Oculus Go Virtual Reality Frog Dissection Experience

HamiltonBuhl® offers teachers and students a new way to dissect frogs in the classroom, leaving more room for learning. Students are transported into their very own, first-person frog dissection experience:

  • Look DOWN and see an actual frog dissection taking place
  • Look LEFT to see the life-cycle of a real frog playout 
  • Look RIGHT to see an interactive 3D model of a frog's major organs and systems 

At any time, students can re-watch a step or skip around the dissection process (Preparation, Initial Incision, Upper Abdominal Anatomy, Lower Abdominal Anatomy, etc.) with the user-friendly chapter menu always accessible within the VR Frog Dissection experience.

HamiltonBuhl® Oculus Go VR Frog Dissection Experience eliminates safety concerns, reduces costs and lets students repeat the process multiple times without adding to expenses!

Use HamiltonBuhl® Oculus Go Virtual Reality Frog Dissection Experience to:

  • Provide a powerful learning experience for every student, with virtual reality technology
  • Reduce overall cost of dissecting frogs
  • Eliminate costly biohazard waste disposal
  • Eliminate preparation time and clean-up





  • License Key for HamiltonBuhl VR Frog Dissection Experience


  • First-person frog dissection
  • Repeatable experience without adding to cost
  • Frog dissection chapter select 
  • Frog life cycle video
  • Interactive 3D model of major organ systems




*Once the license key link is used to upload VR Content onto your device, no refund will be given.

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