HygenX Microfiber Towels, Pack of 20

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HygenX™ Microfiber Towel Pack – Twenty 6" x 6" Towels

HamiltonBuhl’s HygenX™ Microfiber Towel Pack includes 20 6" x 6" microfiber towels, specially-engineered for multi-purpose cleaning. These soft, lint-free and non-abrasive towels are ideal for cleaning and polishing all digital screens, grimy cell phones, monitors full of fingerprints, cameras, eyeglasses and more!

Safe on all surfaces, the HygenX™ Microfiber Towels help achieve superior cleaning as the microfiber actually gets underneath the dirt, dust and germs, lifting them from the surfaces and trapping them until the towel is washed. Use them to ensure everything you clean is left safe to handle, scratch-free, streak-free and sparkling in seconds. And for easy storage, the kits comes in a convenient, reclosable, hard plastic box.

Wash and use over and over, with complete confidence on any of your sensitive electronic devices, equipment or personal items.Pair it with HygenX™ Universal Cleaner or HygenX™ Headphones & Headsets Cleaner for the safer choice for you, your students, your office, your home and the environment.

  • Non-Abrasive
  • Lint-Fee
  • Hypoallergennic
  • Specially-Engineered to Lift and Trap Dirt
  • Ideal for use with HygenX™ Universal Cleaner or HygenX™ Headphones & Headsets Cleaner 




  • Twenty 6"x6" Microfiber Towels
  • Specially-Engineered
    • Non-Abrasive
    • Lint-Free
    • Hypoallergenic
  • Ideal for:
    • All digital screens – Plasma, LCD, 3D, HD, and Flat Screen TVs and Monitors
    • Laptops, computers, mobile devices, tablets and other personal electronics
    • Camcorders, camera lenses and digital picture frames
    • Smartphones, jewelry, diamonds, watches and eyeglasses
    • Auto and aircraft instrument panels
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