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Portable Roll-Up Electronic Drum Pad

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HamiltonBuhl® Portable Roll-Up Electronic Drum Pad

Introduce children to the fun of playing an instrument with the HamiltonBuhl® Roll-Up Drum Pad! This drum pad is incredibly flexible making storage and transportation easy. With its built-in speaker and rechargeable battery, Roll-Up Drum Pad can go anywhere!

Experience the capabilities of an acoustic drum set, but with even more options and advantages. Choose from one of the 5 unique drum set tones and listen to any of the 8 demo songs included. Play MP3’s through the built-in speakers, connect headphones for private listening or external speakers for larger performances. 


  • Roll Up Drum Pad
  • Drumsticks (2 individual drumsticks)
  • Charging Cable 
  • Sustain Pedals (1 Hi-Hat and 1 Kick Drum)
  • 3.5mm Aux Cable


  • Hi-Hat Pedal
  • Kick Drum Pedal
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery
  • 5 Different Drum Tones
  • 8 Different Drum Demos


  • Power: DC 5V
  • Power Input/Output: 2.W/2W
  • Speakers: Built-in high quality dual speaker system with super bass effect
  • Battery: built-in Lithium-Ion
  • Volume Control: 10 Levels
  • Inputs: Micro USB Jack for charging/computer connectivity, MP3 Jack
  • Drum Pads: 1 Snare, 3 Toms, 1 Crash, 1 Ride, 
  • 1 Kick, 1 Open Hi-Hat, 1 Closed Hi-Hat
  • Foot Pedals: 1 Bass Drum, 1 Closed Hi-Hat
  • Drum Tones: 5 options
  • Demo Songs: 8 options 


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Dimensions 19.7x15.4x2.4 21.9x13.3x4.25 22.1x18x11.2
Warranty 1 Year

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