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VR Quest® is Microsoft Mixed Reality Fully-Immersive, Virtual Reality Game Building System where students create their own worlds or re-create historic places and events. Once published, they can share their fully-immersive Virtual Reality game for all to play, anywhere in the world, using a Microsoft Mixed Reality headset!

Following standards-aligned FREE lesson plans, students learn 3D game design, re-create places of historic significance, build their game, and publish their fully-immersive VR game. Then, using a Microsoft Mixed Reality headset (we recommend Samsung or HP), students can step into the virtual world they created - as a single player or with up to 8 friends in multi-player mode! 

Plug-and-Play, Classroom-Ready System

  • Unique and challenging cross-curricular projects interweave a myriad of disciplines and core subjects
  • Free standards-aligned lesson plans
  • Specifically designed to fit the needs of today's classrooms, VR Quest® eliminates violence and gore
  • VR Quest® Game Building System produces an exciting and enriching learning experience
  • Once students build and publish their VR game, using the provided Microsoft Mixed Reality headset and computer, they can step into the VR world they created in a single-player or multiplayer mode

User-Friendly UI

  • The intuitive VR Quest® Game Building System will have students creating their very own VR worlds using the extensive selection of VR Quest® building elements and entities
    • Create mountains, oceans, rivers, fields, forests or cities
    • Layer on seasons and weather activity 
    • Build ancient worlds or dystopian future societies
    • Add trigger points for sound effects and entity actions
  • Within thirty minutes, students can create a world they can step into

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality and STEAM Learning

  • Through 2D and 3D game design, students develop critical thinking, problem solving, researching, troubleshooting, spatial relationships, teamwork and collaboration.
  • VR Quest® Game Building System teaches critical computer and internet literacy skills as well as understanding creator rights and responsibilities.
  • VR Quest® 3-Dimensional learning teaches invaluable skills better preparing students for the 21st Century.
  • Building a 3D Game is great fun on its own, but then being able to step into the world created alone or with up to 8 other players kicks things up to a whole new level! And that is precisely what VR Quest® offers. With Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets and VR Ready Computers, students can step into the world they just built!

VR Quest® comes with FREE Standards-Aligned Lesson Plans for Grades 4-12

  • Each Lesson Plan delivers unique cross-curricular learning objective interweaving myriad of disciplines and core subjects.
  • Learning has never been so much fun!
  • VR Quest® eliminates any violent building options. Games created by students are hosted in a closed ecosystem to help ensure all content being produced with VR Quest® is school appropriate.

This School Package Includes:

  • ANNUAL Site License Software
    • Each computer at school can be uploaded with VR Quest® Software. 
    • Each student throughout all grade levels can use VR Quest® to create their very own VR world and game.
    • Each student can export their game and share it with friends and family.



VR Quest® Game Building System

  • Annual Site License Software
  • Developed for use with Microsoft Mixed Reality Goggles (we recommend Samsung or HP)
  • User-Friendly UI with extensive library of building elements and entities
  • Free Standards-Aligned Lesson Plans for Grades 4-12



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