HamiltonBuhl 6-Person Wireless Listening Center with AudioAce™ Media Player and 6 Wireless Flex-PhonesAF™ Headphones – BLACK


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HamiltonBuhl® 6-Person Wireless Listening Center with AudioAce™ Media Player and 6 Wireless Flex-PhonesAF™ Headphones – BLACK

Go wireless with plug-and-play simplicity! Perfect for all multimedia, lab and classroom applications, the system includes everything you need in a listening center along with high quality, unrivaled functionality and rugged durability.

Simply connect your the Bluetooth-enabled AudioAce™ boombox - the CD, cassette and FM radio media player - to the wireless transmitter, then, via an FM signal, transmit to a nearly unlimited number of wireless, virtually indestructible Flex-PhonesAF™ headphones.

This 6 Person Wireless Listening Center Includes:

(1) AudioAce™ Portable Bluetooth®Boombox and Media Player (MPC-5050):
This portable Bluetooth® boombox and media player is built to deliver on the multiple media needs and demands of today's classrooms. Built with versatility in mind, AudioAce boombox accommodates both old and new technologies! Play CDs, cassette tapes, FM radio, and with the built-in Bluetooth, wirelessly stream music through AudioAce from your tablet, smart phone, computer or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. You can even playback media from non-Bluetooth devices via AUX IN jack. Designed and built to withstand the rigors of classroom use while providing high quality sound, the teacher-approved AudioAce™ media player (MPC-5050) is an excellent choice for classroom use!

(6) Black Flex-PhonesAF™ Wireless Dual-Channel Headphones (FLEXW1BK):
Flex-PhonesAF™ are the nearly indestructible, made from a single piece of safe, non-toxic, BPA-free, soft and extremely flexible EVA foam headphones. With two built-in, dedicated FM channel receivers, these wireless headphones deliver excellent sound quality without antennas, wires or interference!

Certified for all major USA and international child safety testing standards, Flex-PhonesAF™ are ideal for children ages 3+ and come with a snap-on extension band for a snugger fit.

(1) Wireless Transmitter (W900-MULTI)
(1) Lockable Carrying Case (lock not included)
(1) 6-Way Charging Cable (W990)
*Please Note: Case shape and color subject to change without notice.


Optional Accessories (not included):
HygenX25 - Disposable sanitary ear cushion covers (box of 50 pairs).
Portable Automatic Headphone Sanitizer (HygenX4-MIN) - Patent pending sanitizer − developed and built by HamiltonBuhl − automatically and safely sanitizes headphones and other small electronic devices with UVC light irradiation.

Specifications for Flex-PhonesAF™ Headphones:

      • Model #: FLEXW1BK
      • Color: Black
      • Construction: Single piece of EVA foam, the safe, non-toxic, BPA free, soft and extremely flexible material
      • Headband Adjustment: Snap on extension band with 2 layers
      • Wireless System Type: VHF-FM
      • Channels: (2) Two
        • Green – 72.900 MHz
        • Red – 74.700 MHz
      • Speaker Driver: 30mm
      • Impedance: 32Ω ±15%
      • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz
      • Sensitivity: 112dB ±3dB
      • Volume control: On ear cup
      • Nominal input (Rate power): 10mW
      • Maximum input (Power handling capacity): 20 mW
      • Storage Bag: Heavy-duty, write-on, moisture-resistant, reclosable bag. Helps prevent the spread of lice!

Specifications for AudioAce Bluetooth® Boombox:

      • Model #: MPC-5050
      • Built-in Bluetooth® to stream audio from Bluetooth-enabled tablets, smart phones, computers and other devices
      • Playback non-Bluetooth® devices via AUX IN jack (cable not included)
      • FM Radio
      • Programmable CD player with repeat play
      • Plays: CDs and cassette tapes
      • Built-in cassette recorder, record from Bluetooth signal, AUX IN jack, FM radio and CD
      • Power: 4W RMS
      • 6 x 3.5mm headphone jacks
      • Dual power: AC or 8 C batteries (not included)

Specifications for W900-Multi Wireless Transmitter:

      • Range: ± 300 feet
      • 4 switchable FM frequencies
        • 72.500 MHz - Blue
        • 72.100 MHz - Yellow
        • 72.900 MHz -Green
        • 74.700 MHz - Orange
      • Dedicated FM channels
      • Color-coded frequency switches
      • Superb sound - no interference from other electronic equipment
      • Listen with an infinite number of headphones on one frequency with one transmitter
      • Warranty: 1 Year


Note: Adding to an existing 6-person Listening Center? Be sure to purchase an additional AC power adapter (W980) and 6-way charging cable. One AC power adapter is capable of only charging up to 6 headphones.

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