HamiltonBuhl 5-Position Portable Galaxy Jackbox

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HamiltonBuhl® Affordable 5-Way Portable Galaxy™ Jackbox with 3.5mm Plugs

This affordable, 5-Way Portable Galaxy™ Jackbox makes it effortless to connect up to five people to an audio source. We specially-designed this jackbox for ease of use – at an affordable price! You can also "chain" two Galaxy™ Jackboxes together to make a 9 Station Listening Center.

Simply connect to a media player with a 3.5mm jack – CD, DVD, MP3, Tablet or iPad – and you have a 5-person listening center – quickly and easily! You will find this a very handy tech tool! This affordable jackbox will quickly become your go-to for audio lessons!


• Supports Audio Formats: CD, MD, DVD, MP3, most Tablets and iPads
• Output: 100mW
• Output Sockets: Five 3.5mm (1/8")
• Input Plug: 3.5mm (1/8")
• Cord: Approx. 3"
• Color: Black


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