Clean & Healthy Rooms

Clean & Healthy Rooms


Proper hygiene is as important now as ever, especially where electronic devices such as iPads, smart phones, headphones and headsets are shared. HamiltonBuhl brings you a selection of unique products to help keep your environment clean and healthy.

Designed and patented by HamiltonBuhl, our exclusive HygenX™ Sanitizers quickly and safely kill harmful pathogens on many electronic devices, and are over 99% effective!

For an extra measure of protection, use HamiltonBuhl's HygenX™ Disposable Headphone Covers, too!


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1 HygenX-Vray and 1 V-Claw Kit

The Vray High-Intensity Cordless UV-C Sanitizer is now available as a kit that includes the V-Claw™ holder. With the popularity of Vray and the wide range of surfaces it sanitizes, the V-Claw™ holder has become a huge in-demand accessory...

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HygenX Hand Sanitizer Gallon

HygenX™ Hand Sanitizer is an effective way to kill 99.99% of common germs on your hands. This fragrance-free formula contains 80% ethyl alcohol and fully conforms to FDA guidelines. This sanitizing hand antiseptic spray helps reduce the bacteria...


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HygenX Microfiber Towel Pack

$43.00 $32.95

HygenX Microfiber Towel Pack - Twenty 6" x 6" Towels HamiltonBuhl’s HygenX Microfiber Towel Pack includes 20 6"x6" microfiber towels specially-engineered for multi-purpose cleaning. These soft, lint-free and non-abrasive towels are ideal for...

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HygenX Universal Cleaning Kit

$7.02 $6.00

HygenX Universal Cleaning Kit HamiltonBuhl’s HygenX Universal Cleaning Kit is the ultimate, multi-purpose cleaning solution ideal for all digital screens, grimy cell phones, monitors full of fingerprints, cameras, eyeglasses and more! Free of any...

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HygenX Whiteboard Dry Eraser

$6.90 $4.99

HygenX Whiteboard Dry Eraser   Quickly wipe your whiteboard clean with the HamiltonBuhl HygenX Whiteboard Dry Eraser. Double sided with a felt side and sponge side to ensure excellent cleaning, the HygenX Whiteboard Dry Eraser cleans without...

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