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HamiltonBuhl® MagnaScreen™

The HamiltonBuhl® MagnaScreen™ is the most economical and easy way to magnify your smartphone screen to comfortably watch and share the screen.

Smartphones are convenient and ubiquitous devices that are being used for reading and watching anything – from emails to books and photos to videos and full movies. As convenient as they are, the screens are too small for comfortable viewing and can lead to eye fatigue.

HB MagnaScreen Benefits:
• Enlarges your smartphone to 7.7" screen
• Lightweight yet durable
• Hands-free, fold-up design for maximum portability
• Quick and easy set-up anywhere
• No AC power requirements
• Helps avoid and eliminate eye fatigue
Made from acrylic, with a kickstand for your phone, with angle adjustment for best viewing and magnification effect, will make HB MagnaScreen™ your go-to solution for other magnification needs as well:

• Can’t quite thread the needle? Use the HB MagnaScreen™.
• Product instructions copy too small? Use the HB MagnaScreen™.
• Can’t read the menu? Whip out the HB MagnaScreen™ and voilà, you’re all set!

  • Material: Plastic + Magifying Lense
  • Color: Black
  • Screen Size: 7.7" diagonal and the 6.5”x 4.25”.
  • Power: No AC Requirements
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