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Scout™ Digital Microscope from HamiltonBuhl®

Posted by Staff on Oct 29th 2018

Scout™ Digital Microscope from HamiltonBuhl®

Early Learners Can Explore the Microscopic World All Around Them

Fairfield NJ, Jun 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Trusted educational products designer and manufacturer, HamiltonBuhl® is ready to unveil Scout™ Digital Microscope , the latest addition to their extensive line of STEAM products.

Built tough to withstand everyday use by young scientists, Scout™ Digital Microscope will help inspire and educate the next generation of STEAM leaders. Live images or video from Scout™ are displayed on a computer screen so every student has a chance to take in the fascinating microscopic world around them. Scout™ includes a one-touch snap button to make it easy to capture images, record video, and take timed shots. Rugged and durable, it has been designed to withstand everyday classroom use.

The Scout™ Digital Microscope features six different magnification lenses on a vertical rotating wheel: magnifying to 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, 500x, and 600x best at 1600x1200 resolution monitor.

Eva Boker, VP of Marketing at HamiltonBuhl® explained why and how Scout™ can play a vital part in inspiring students to pursue STEAM subjects. “Having the incredible ability to magnify objects up to 600x and display the images or video in high resolution opens up an entirely new world for kids. Magnified images and video are displayed on a monitor or can also be projected so an entire class can examine their findings together, creating a much more collaborative and engaging lesson."

“Another added bonus of Scout™ is the fact that children have a hard time looking through a viewfinder with one eye closed and this digital microscope eliminates that issue! Now kids can explore the imperceptible aspects of science at an earlier age. Kids and discovery go hand-in-hand. Students will get excited searching for new objects to inspect, and the rugged Scout™ will ensure it can stand up to even the most eager child,” Boker continued to explain.

Tested by students and teachers, each HamiltonBuhl® STEAM product is designed to deliver important knowledge in a fun, exciting, and engaging way. Scout™ Microscope is perfect for younger students where conventional microscopes just wouldn’t stand up. Affordable and easily implemented into lesson plans, it will become an asset in any educational environment.

About HamiltonBuhl®: The HamiltonBuhl® brand continues to expand and deliver exciting products to teachers, students and classrooms. Educational tools and products are available for students of all ages to create the best possible learning environment while making classroom integration simple. HamiltonBuhl® is the leading provider of headphones and headsets, STEAM tools and products and classroomaccessories and necessities. Products are developed and tested with help from teachers and students to ensure they withstand the K-12 environment and have the desired educational impact.