Juke 24 For Seniors

HamiltonBuhl Juke24™ - The Portable, Digital Jukebox!

Introducing Juke24, the new, high tech, easy-to-use jukebox that will put a whole new world of entertainment at your fingertips.

Juke24 allows you to hear up to 24 tracks of recordings at the touch of a button. Easily upload songs, books on tape, lectures, or recordings from family members - any content you want from variety of sources such as CDs, tablets, USB, smartphones or computers. Up to 48 hours of listening pleasure.

Want to record your own thoughts or songs or events? It is easy with Juke24’s supplied microphone. Just record and hear it whenever you like.

Customizable inserts on each button make for easy recognition, so you’ll always know where your favorite tracks are. Just push the button, sit back and relax.

So relive the fun of jukeboxes of the past, combined with the latest in modern technology, and enrich your life with the amazing Juke24 from HamiltonBuhl!

Juke24 features:
  • 24 Programmable Press and Play Buttons
  • Record from any of the following sources and program to any of the 24 buttons: CD, Aux In, MIC in, USB Key and PC Link via USB port
  • Built-in MP3 Digital Recorder
  • Built-in Side Speakers
  • Back-Loading CD Player
  • Translucent Button Covers (for Custom Paper Button Covers)
  • Talkover Mic Feature / Karaoke