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Clean & Healthy Schools

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Must Haves for Schools

Keeps schools clean and healthy with the right tools from thermometers to cleaners. Find essential items to help students, teachers and schools get through the school year.

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Remote Learning

uvc sterilizer Distance

Remote Learning and Work

Video communication is imperative for remote learning and work. Find easy solutions to keeping the lines of communication open from webcams and tripods to green screens and headsets. We have the comfortable and durable solutions for all.

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Media Kits

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Media Productions Kits

Producing high quality professional studio podcasts and videos is a snap with our easy-to-use versatile and durable production kits. Whether for work or school we have all the plug and play equipment you need.

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Favoritz™ Headsets with In-Line Mic and 3.5mm TRRS Plug

Favoritz™ FV-BLU

digital microscope

Amp-Up personal UHF voice amplifier with wireless microphone

Amp-Up PA-25W

On-Air™ Podcasting Kit for Remote and Classroom Use

On-Air™ Podcast Kit PCAST4


STEAM Products

STEAM Education- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math are the core subjects that will drive innovation in the future. These vital topics are seen in areas from delivering clean water systems to underdeveloped countries, to developing and designing iPhone apps! No modern nation would survive without the adoption of these fields.

Implementing these topics into the classroom results in students who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. These are the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century!

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Products That Help Achieve
High Performance Learning


Our Future!

Digital Learning

Our school children learn and function in a digital world. We want students to be prepared for college or career experiences, confidently knowing the 21st century world is theirs.

The creative application of technology can help you engage digital learners in content, reinforce skills essential to life in today's world, and, most importantly, require them to actively create rather than passively consume.

1 to 1 learning

The Whole Earth Calculator – Feed the Hungry and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Get your FREE Whole Earth Calculator, plus FREE lesson plans featuring the New York Yankees,over 70 other sports partners, Aerosmith and the Allman Brothers Band! Join in the initiative to end hunger around the world and reduce our carbon footprint!

Syd Madelbaum, featured in our STEAM catalog is the creator of the Whole Earth Calculator – also CEO and Founder of "Rock and Wrap it Up!" – the award-winning, anti-poverty organization dedicated to feeding the hungry and reducing the planet's poverty footprint while reducing society's carbon footprint. Rock and Wrap It Up! has now fed over 1 billion people.