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Best STEM / STEAM Education Products by Grade Level

Posted by Staff on Oct 19th 2018

Best STEM / STEAM Education Products by Grade Level

Best STEM / STEAM Education Products by Grade Level

STEM and STEAM education is essential throughout every step of a student’s educational journey. Research shows that children can and should engage in STEM / STEAM learning, even in the earliest years of life. Active learning surrounding STEM / STEAM subjects can have a massive impact on the potential success of a student’s future in their later years as well. 

Teachers have plenty of options no matter the grade level of their children, and this handy list helps break down and offer suggestions of incredible STEAM products by grade level:

Pre-School – Kindergarten

At the earliest stages of a child's life, it’s crucial to give them the opportunity to develop a strong foundation based on the principles of STEM and STEAM education. However, whichever products kids have access to must be engaging, fun and educational.

Print-A-Puzzle, specially-designed for early learners, allows teachers or parents to print out any picture they want with a standard inkjet printer, and turn it into a puzzle!

Important Skills Developed:

  • Cognitive Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Social Skills
  • Self-Esteem

Early Learning Interactive Deluxe Kit

Today’s schools have an incredible opportunity to access turn-key kits that bring a variety of STEAM products to early learners with one easy purchase. The Early Learning Interactive Deluxe Kit includes everything needed to give students a comprehensive introduction to the world of STEM and STEAM.

This Kit Includes:

  • AR Rug-Tales™ 3D Interactive, 6’ x 4’ Augmented Reality Area Rug
  • Kids CD Player with Karaoke Machine and Microphone
  • Print-A-Puzzle™ - Pre-Perforated Printable Puzzle Paper - 8.5” X 11”
    • (4) Pack of 50 Sheets, 12 Jigsaw Pieces Per Sheet
    • (4) Pack of 50 Sheets, 24 Jigsaw Pieces Per Sheet
  • Do-Re-Me!™ Music Arts Set Includes Floor Piano, Electronic Drums, And Electronic Guitar

Grades 1 – 5

There are so many different ways to encourage students to embrace STEAM curriculum. Reading from a textbook isn’t always the best option. Teachers want to engage students, inspiring them to look at the world using logic and a scientific perspective.

Boost-R-Bots gives elementary and high school students the opportunity to better understand fundamental STEAM concepts that will play an essential role in preparing them for future careers. Turn abstract concepts into hands-on learning experience and create exciting, engaging lessons. Step-by-step instructions are included to help teachers guide kids through each of the 15 different robot builds, able to be created with a single Boost-R-Bots STEM Education Robotics Kit.

Boost-R-Bots Features:

  • 15 different, more and more complex robot options
  • Programming board
  • Motors
  • Remote controller
  • Step-by-step instructions

Beginner Skill Level STEAM Kits

For students new to STEAM, the Beginner Skill Level STEAM Kits are a fantastic way to introduce high-tech STEAM products into the classroom. These packs include a wide range of STEAM products and offer teachers a simple solution when it comes to exposing students to STEAM education.

This Kit Includes:

  • AirComfort™ Climate Tracking Device
  • Edison Educational Robot Kit -- Set of 10
  • (2) Robo-Brush™: Toothbrush Robot Kit
  • (2) Boost-R-Bots™ - Robotics Kit
  • Animation Studio Kit
  • Green Screen Production Kit
  • Large Lockable Carry Case

Grades 6 – 8

As children get older, it’s important to keep their interest in STEM and STEAM subjects alive. There are more advanced products, with incredible, exciting and engaging ways to help students comprehend complex concepts.

Keeping up with the rapid advances in technology isn’t easy. STEAM SNIPS gives teachers the ability to introduce STEAM concepts like, coding, engineering, circuitry knowledge, and hardware operation and control. Standards-aligned lesson plans are included to help teachers immediately start implementing STEAM SNIPS and ensure the product covers critical aspects of STEAM education. This kit is a fun and exciting way to give kids a tangible way to discover the logic and processes behind software programming in the real-world.

STEAM Skills Being Developed:

  • Engineering
  • Circuitry Knowledge
  • Hardware Operation and Control
  • Software Programming and Coding
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

Intermediate Skill Level STEAM Kits

STEAM packs from HamiltonBuhl come in all shapes and sizes. From early learners to advanced level STEAM packs, there’s an option for every stage in a child's life. The Intermediate Skill Level STEAM Kits is designed to build a strong and well-rounded understanding of STEAM skills.

This Kit Includes:

  • Edison Educational Robot Kit- Set of 10
  • HB Invent! Kit Assembling and Coding Robot
  • Boost-R-Bots™ Engineering Kit
  • ChronoQuest™ 3D Interactive Augmented Reality Timeline
  • (3) 3D Magic Pen™ - 3D Printing Pen
  • (6) ABS Filament Pack of 15 Vibrant Colors for 3D Magic Pen™
  • ABS Filament Roll for 3D Magic Pen™ - Black, 980 ft.
  • HB LED GrowLight™ Kit
  • Large Lockable Carry Case

Grades 9 – 12

As kids get older, their passion for STEAM and STEM tends to dissipate. Interests change, but with the right encouragement and resources, children will develop important knowledge that can help them in whatever direction they decide to take.

Robo-Arm Kit for Arduino is a fully-functional programmable 4-axis robotic arm, a perfect introduction to the world of repeated task automation. It can either be programmed, memorizing up to 100 movements, or operated manually to show students how a robotic arm functions and learning about its real-world applications. Robotics and an understanding of the technology has become a vital part of the modern workforce. Students with robotics experience will feel comfortable with the technology and how these machines work.

Robo-Arm Kit Features:

  • Double-layered, jagged-edged and pointed grippers - to firmly grip and hold objects
  • 4 servos to control four joints allowing movement along 4 axes
  • MCU Arduino UNO, servo expansion board and remote control, move and programming the Robo-Arm
  • 4 potentiometers

Advanced Skill Level STEAM Kits

When it’s time to prepare students for higher education or careers after high school, ensuring they have the STEAM skills they’ll need to thrive will be crucial. Teachers searching for a comprehensive, turn-key solution to bring relevant STEAM products into the classroom have the Advanced Skill Level STEAM Kit to depend on.

Products Included:

  • Edison Educational Robot Kit
  • (5) HB Invent! Kit - Assembling and Coding Robot
  • ChronoQuest™ 3D Interactive Augmented Reality Timeline
  • (3) 3D Magic Pen™ - 3D Printing Pen
  • (6) ABS Filament Pack of 15 Vibrant Colors for 3D Magic Pen™
  • ABS Filament Roll for 3D Magic Pen™ - Black, 980ft.
  • Animation Studio Kit
  • Green Screen production Kit
  • (2) SpectraVIP™ - Virtual Reality Goggles

Finding a way to make STEAM subjects exciting and engaging across grade levels can be challenging. Having the right products and resources to go along with them, like Teacher Guides, Lesson Plans, and Step-By-Step instructions, makes teachers lives easier and helps them create the best possible learning environment for their students. Use the list above to find relevant and educational STEAM products for kids of any age.

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