HamiltonBuhl® Introducing the STEAM Robo-Arm Kit for Arduino

Aug 29th 2018

HamiltonBuhl® Introducing the STEAM Robo-Arm Kit for Arduino

Offering Teachers the Tools and Resources to Help Inspire the Next-Generation of Innovators

Today, trusted educational products designer and manufacturer, HamiltonBuhl® is releasing the STEAM Robo-Arm Kit for Arduino. The 4-axis programable or manually operated robotic arm is made up of lightweight components, easy to assemble, and can memorize up to 100 movements. The Robo-Arm Kit features double-layered, jagged-edged, and pointed grippers; 4 servos to control four joints; MCU Arduino UNO; servo expansion board and remote-control board.

Designed to inspire student interest and curiosity about STEAM subjects, Eva Boker Vice President of Marketing at HamiltonBuhl® explained, “STEAM subjects like electronics, automation, robotics and coding are absolutely vital in today’s world. Technology literacy has become a necessity throughout all levels of education and continues to be an important factor when students enter the workforce. Especially now as STEM occupations are projected to grow at a faster rate compared to non-STEM jobs, the Robo-Arm Kit is an incredible step forward into the world of STEAM education.”

To ensure teachers have the best products and tools available to help inspire students explore STEAM subjects, HamiltonBuhl®:

  • Uses teacher testing and input to make sure they can seamlessly and effortlessly integrate the STEAM Robo-Arm Kit for Arduino into their classrooms.
  • Researches in-demand STEAM education requirements to create the most relevant and educational products possible.

As STEAM skills become an essential asset, HamiltonBuhl® will continue to deliver innovative products for students of all ages. The STEAM Robo-Arm Kit gives students an opportunity to see their hard-work and creativity come to life. Developing simple solutions to assist teachers create the best learning environment possible is the goal of every HamiltonBuhl® product.

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