STEAM SNIPS from HamiltonBuhl: Critical Knowledge for Today’s Students

Sep 12th 2018

STEAM SNIPS from HamiltonBuhl: Critical Knowledge for Today’s Students

Delivering STEAM Education in a Fun and Engaging Way

Trusted educational products designer and manufacturer, HamiltonBuhl® is excited to announce the release of STEAM SNIPS™. Including over 70 different components, these electronic building modules offer students a chance to explore coding, hardware operation and circuitry knowledge in the real-world to help them better visualize how electronics and coding work together. Standards-aligned curriculum and lesson plans are available to help teachers incorporate STEAM SNIPS™ into the classroom.

The STEAM SNIPS™ Kit is made up of:

  • Input/Output Components – 51 pcs.
  • Power Source Components – 2 pcs. (PC: USB cable and 9V battery wire)
  • Connection Components – 20 pcs. (6.75” Micro USB cables and 12.75” Micro USB cables)

When discussing the impact STEAM SNIPS™ can have on students, Eva Boker, Vice President of Marketing at HamiltonBuhl® explained, “STEAM SNIPS™ allows kids to see with their own eyes how electronic components and coding are combined to perform an action. Simply reading about these functions or how input/outputs, power, and coding work together isn’t enough when exploring STEAM education today. This product focuses on a variety of practices, taking a three dimensional learning approach to STEAM subjects.”

The National Research Council’s Framework recently offered an explanation on what it really means to be proficient in science and STEAM SNIPS™ encourages students to engage in behaviors scientists’ practice as they investigate the natural world. It cuts across all domains of science and has a broad reach across multiple scientific disciplines.”

HamiltonBuhl® developed STEAM SNIPS™ to address some of the most fundamental aspects of STEAM subjects.

Children learn critical skills such as:

  • Circuitry Knowledge
  • Hardware Operation and Control
  • Software Programming and Coding
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

HamiltonBuhl® is an expert in STEAM and STEM education and focuses on creating streamlined solutions for the modern educator. STEAM SNIPS™ come with lesson plans that are aligned with curriculum standards to take the stress out of bringing STEAM into the classroom.

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